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Annual Conference
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Join us for NASW-PA's 2020 Virtual Annual Conference!


Sunday, October 25 - Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Details will be coming & will be posted to this website page.
A virtual conference provides the flexibility for attendees to attend from anywhere. You can access the workshops, network with other attendees,
watch the keynote presentations and participate in the exhibit hall... all you need is a computer!


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For general conference information please contact Amy Sagen


Student Day - Sunday, October 25, 2020 (FLYER)



Annual Conference 2020 Overview

This agenda is subject to change at the discretion of the conference organizers. Agenda will be updated regularly to reflect most current schedule.



View the conference program below!



Click here to view the PDF version of the brochure. 

*Please note: in PDF form you can zoom in and view the brochure with larger font. 



Sunday – October 25th

8:30 am Workshop 1 (1 CE)

9:30 am Meet and Greet

10 am Welcome & Opening Ceremony (1 CE)

11:30 am Exhibit Hall Open/Lunch Break

1:30 pm Workshop 2 (1.5 CE)

3 pm Exhibit Hall/Student Poster Presentations (.5 CE)

4 pm General Session (2 CE)

6 pm Social/Concert at the Beach

Up to 6 CEs Sunday


Monday – October 26th

8:30 am Workshop 3 (1 CE)

9:30 am SWEETalk 1 (.5 CE)

10:00 am General Session (1 CE)

12:00 pm Exhibit Hall Open/Lunch Break

2:00 pm Workshop 4 (1 CE)

3:00 pm Workshop 5 (1 CE)

4:00 pm Workshop 6 (1.5 CE)

6:00-9:00 pm Workshop 7 (3 CE)

Up to 9 CEs Monday


Tuesday – October 27th

8:30 am Workshop 8 (1 CE)

9:30 am SWEETalk 2 (0.5 CE)

10:00 am General Session and Awards Ceremony (1 CE)

12:00 pm Exhibit Hall Open/Lunch Break

1:00 pm Workshop 9 (1.5 CE)

3:30 pm Closing General Session (1 CE)

6:00–9:00 pm Workshop 10 (3 CE)

Up to 8 CEs Tuesday



Pricing: 25% discount from 2019 conference prices
to encourage conference participation in a year of change, struggle, and uncertainty.


Registration OPEN (see button above to download)


Entire conference - Sunday through Tuesday


2 day - choose two consecutive days (Sunday through Tuesday)


1 day - choose one day (Sunday through Tuesday)


Category Type
Entire Conference (3 Days)  $
2 Days  $
1 Day  $

Non Member 443
Presenter 233
Student 113 75

Student presenter

(poster or workshop)

Student volunteer 19 / day





Our opening session keynote speaker will be Frank Warren, PostSecret.

Frank is the sole founder of the PostSecret Project, a growing collection of over a million artful secrets, mailed anonymously to him on postcards. He has appeared on Good Morning America, CBS Sunday Morning and NPR talking about the best-selling PostSecret books, his emotional live presentations, and the deep truths and hidden experiences that people share with him every day.


Known as ‘the most trusted stranger in America’, Frank has an all new presentation that shares what he has learned from his unique insights into the true feelings and challenges people are struggling with during the pandemic. He examines how young people are already remaking the world to distance physically without distancing emotionally. and demonstrates tools we can use to help others, and ourselves, with the unique mental wellness challenges during this crisis.


Frank has delivered keynote addresses around the world at colleges and universities, mental health conferences, tech events, and was even invited to the White House to share what he has learned about our secret selves. At times hilarious and heartbreaking, the secrets reflect complex issues that many of us struggle with: intimacy, trust, meaning, humor, and desire. As an advocate for mental health initiatives & suicide prevention, the National Mental Health Association recognized him with a special award. Warren is a volunteer for and actively involved in the organization Hopeline/1-800-SUICIDE.


Frank’s program creates a supportive environment to address issues like mental wellness, loneliness, consent and imposter syndrome.

Another Keynote Speaker will be a documentary film, Portraits of Professional CAREgivers. Their Passion. Their Pain., viewed in its entirety, followed by a panel discussion with filmmakers Vic Compher and Rodney Whittenberg.


At this session, we will explore secondary trauma and its impact on caregivers through the viewing of a unique documentary, directed and co-produced by one of our NASW-PA members, Vic Compher. After the viewing, we will have a discussion panel with Vic, his co-producer Rodney Whittenberg, and a panel of faculty, clinicians, and students to respond.


About the Film

Portraits of Professional CAREgivers: Their Passion, Their Pain is a documentary film based on interviews with nurses, social workers, clinical psychologists, doctors, firefighters, first responders who rescue, assist, and help to heal the injured and traumatized—and also tell their own remarkable and often painful stories. The film takes us on a journey into a world the public rarely sees, depicting emotional costs experienced by professional care providers and probing the emotional consequences of professional public service.


The film asks the question: How are professional caregivers and first responders affected emotionally and physically? Who helps them? Viewers discover that engaged, empathic caregiving can sometimes be an occupational hazard; we explore the painful and human sides of these professions and vulnerable responses to trauma -- Compassion Fatigue -- also known as Secondary Traumatic Stress or Vicarious Trauma. The film also addresses high levels of career satisfaction and professional meaning that caregivers experience. Ultimately, the film provides ways to cope and recover from toxic stress in the workplace.


Vic Compher, Director and Co-Producer Vic is a filmmaker, licensed clinical social worker, workshop trainer, and author. His most recent documentary is an intergenerational portrayal of remarkable older adults sharing their dramatic stories of peace and justice with young people. Broadcast on WYBE’s public te levision series, “Philadelphia Stories”, this film has been screened in a variety of venues and by several film festivals, including the New York Independent International Film and Video Festival of 2011.


Rodney Whittenberg, Co-Producer and Composer Rodney is an Emmy Award winning modern “renaissance man.” His interests and professional endeavors are broad ranging from full-length film production to music composition. He is fascinated by discovering what makes things tick and how to creatively intersect with them, whether it is the inner vision of his clients or new ways to use the latest technical advances.

Our closing Keynote speaker will be National Poetry Slam finalists Angelica Maria & Melania Luisa.

Self-Care Open Mic – Poetry as Therapy

How Can Writing Be a Form of Therapy & Self Care?


Many psychologists around the world believe writing has always had the power to transform and shift our lives. Joshua Smyth, a psychologist at Syracuse University also believes this is true, and further insists “to tap writing’s healing power, people must use it to better understand and learn from their emotions.” When we share our experiences out loud, we can better learn how to derive meaning from anything life throws our way, giving more attention to our mental state and overall state of being. To incorporate writing into our everyday lives could be to begin a lifelong relationship with self-care.


Kick-Off: National Poetry Slam finalists Angelica Maria & Melania Luisa kick off the night by sharing a 20-minute reading of inspiring pieces that have helped them heal in their own journey as writers. At the same time, the open mic list is passed around for writers to sign up and share their work.


Open Mic: Prior to the event, students are prompted to think & write on the following questions:

· What have you survived in the last month?

· What are three things you are proud of?

· Write a love letter to yourself or to something that gets you through the worst of days?

· What fills your cup more than anything else?


One-by-one, attendees are selected to share a piece on their journey of healing, whatever that may look like. By opening space for attendees to share their own experience, we are able to use writing as a tool to express and uplift during the toughest of times.


All of language is spoken on the out breath All of life begins on the in All of death is spoken on the out breath. All of life begins on the in.

- Li Young Lee


Here is a sneak peek of how the conference will look!








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